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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

49 Bottles and Some On The Floor

I probably could have gotten 50 bottles out of this batch of American Pale Ale. But I spilled a bit and ended up with 49. Live and learn... What I didn't spill of what would have been bottle #50 tasted good, though! Of course, it's the bottle conditioning that carbonates the beer, so it was completely flat and "green" tasting. But I can tell it's going to be great in a few weeks! The first bottle I test will be on my birthday, which happens to be Thanksgiving Day this year. Then I'll leave it alone for another week or so. Some time before then, I hope to get another batch (probably a brown ale) brewing. Here are a few pics from my bottling session on Sunday, Nov. 5th (Hmmm, maybe I should call it Gunpowder Treason Ale...the history buffs and Brits will get that).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's next? Magnum Moonshine? hee hee

Enjoy that birthday beer. We will be thinking about ya!

Luvs ya,

1:47 AM  

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