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Friday, September 22, 2006

Dead Last

I participate in a usenet group called ASP (alt.smokers.pipes). Every year, they issue an ASP Zippo pipe lighter and an "extra" lighter. The traditional lighter is standard. The extra changes from year to year. This year, there was a contest to design the extra for next year (2007). I submitted a Powerpoint template for my design, and the graphic artist created this. I think he did a great job! Well, 90 people voted, and only 4 (two of whom were me and my brother!) voted for mine. Guess there's no accounting for taste. So, I came in dead last. I still like my design the best. The winner is also a fine design featuring a picture of Sherlock Holmes and a quote from one of his adventures. Anyway, I wanted to post my design. It was inspired by a series of daily threads where people announce what blend they are smoking at the time (usually including what pipe they are using and what they are drinking on the side).

New Pipes - Sorry Mark!

I got a comment from my friend Mark in CA telling me I should chill on the pipe postings. But I just got this Georg Jensen Amber (on the left, a Danish pipe) from Frenchy at Frency's Pipes, and I had to post a picture. It smokes great! I also got this Stanhope bent bulldog (on the right) on Ebay recently, and it's a good smoker, too!