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Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Family

Here's a picture of me with my wife and kids. This was taken Dec. 16, 2005. Aren't we cute?

Saturday/Sunday, What To Do?

I'm not used to having a Saturday off without the kids here. After going to hear my friend Scott's band (Voodoo Krewe) play last night, my wife Nicole and I slept in this morning. We had a really laid back day watching TV, listening to music, cooking burgers, emailing friends and family, watching more TV...we'll probably watch a little TV later.
I found time to smoke some very dried out McClelland's #2035 Dark Navy Flake in my Bradford apple. It was sort of an experiment, since this is a very wet tobacco, and I was pleased with the result. Later, I had an hour long smoke of McClelland's Frog Morton, in my Comoy bulldog. I haven't posted a pic of that pipe yet, but I will. It was a gift from a fellow pipe-smoker in FL who felt compassion for me after I lost an ebay bid for a bulldog that I really wanted. Thanks, Frank!
So, Saturday has been lazed away. Sunday is on the horizon. Another weekend day off without the kids here...what to do?

My Bradford apple estate pipe Posted by Picasa

My No Name Billiard Posted by Picasa