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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Coming, New Pipe Here!

Happy New Years! OK, it'll be midnight on the east coast in 5 minutes, but that's close enough.

Beer Note: I bottled the Pete's Wicked Ale clone on Dec. 17, 2006. It's not quite ready for tasting, yet, but I probably will pop the top on one some time later this week just to check. It really needs another week or 2 before it'll be ready.

Pipe Note: I wanted to post some pictures of the pipe my brother got me for a winter solstice gift. This is Mark Tinsky's ( for American Smoking Pipes) version of the ASP 2006 Club Pipe. He's one of a few carvers chosen to make the club pipe. Last year, Skip sent me one made by Altinok pipes, and it's been a prized possession. This one will be, too. I've wanted a Tinsky pipe for a long time. My brother is a great guy!!! Here's the pipe.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Beer Puzzle!

Here's a link to a puzzle I put on the Jigzone site. If you like jigsaw puzzles, check it out! It's one of the pictures from my last post of the Am. Pale Ale.

Monday, December 04, 2006

My First Homebrew

Well, I did, in fact, brew my Pete's Wicked Ale clone on Monday of last week. It's fermenting now, and I may bottle this coming weekend. I may give it a bit longer...we'll see... But here are a few pics of my American Pale Ale (Gunpowder Treason Ale, since it was bottled on Nov. 5). It was yummy on Nov. 23rd (Happy Birthday to Meeeeee), and it was even yummier this weekend. I'm sure another week will improve it even more. Think Sierra Nevada's weight-lifting brother...yeah, that's what it's like!